The journey to personal and career development is never easy, especially in 2022 as we work our way out of a pandemic. From personal responsibilities like caring for a family to self-doubt that prevents us from experiencing our true potential, there are plenty of hurdles to overcome.

Fortunately, life skills training from CrossPurpose can help you overcome those lies and begin to succeed. This is more than just a career training opportunity — it’s truly a personal growth training that helps you develop personal and professional skills to flourish in the modern work environment.

Read on to understand the importance of life skills training and how it can help you begin a successful career journey.

The Purpose of Life Skills Training 

In its simplest sense, life skills training equips you with the ability to effectively manage life’s difficulties — personally, relationally, and professionally. Life skills span from communication to problem-solving and everywhere in between.

Unfortunately, despite their importance, these traits are rarely taught in our educational institutions today. Simple life skills can be the missing link between you and a career that can change your life, your loved ones’ lives, and the entire Denver community. 

What to Expect From Our Life Skills Training 

Here at CrossPurpose, we incorporate life skills training into our career development programs with an aim to impact the Denver community at large. 

Here are some important life skills you will gain from our development program:

  • Communication skills 
  • Resilience skills 
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills 
  • Teamwork/cooperation 
  • Ability to accept constructive criticism 
  • Time management skills 

Let’s get a quick sense of these six important life skills. 

1. Communication skills 

One of the most vital life skills you can cultivate is the ability to communicate effectively at all times. That may include speaking confidently in front of people, listening actively, having good presentation skills, and the ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Communication skills can be of great benefit to both your personal and professional life, as they can go a long way in pushing you to achieve success. 

2. Resilience skills 

Resilience is what you need to control your emotions, feelings, failures, distresses, and other life trials. Setbacks or failures are almost inevitable at some point in life, and learning to recover quickly and learn from such difficulties will help you to grow, boost your self-esteem, and even improve the overall quality of your life. 

3. Decision-making skills 

Decision-making skills refer to the ability to analyze a situation or problem, generate different alternatives to solve the problem, and pick the best option. Such problem-solving skills require creative and critical thinking, which you need in the workplace as much as you do in your personal life.

4. Teamwork capabilities  

This entails the social skills that a person uses daily to interact and communicate with others. To make progress in your career and life in general, you need to cooperate with others and be able to work collectively in a team. Teamwork requires you to be empathetic so you can understand other people’s circumstances from their point of view and subsequently be able to communicate what you understand of their situation. As a result, you’re able to work together towards achieving your goals.

5. Ability to accept constructive criticism 

Accepting constructive criticism is a person’s ability to look at other people’s thoughts, feelings, and professional feedback or reviews about them in a positive light. It requires you to leave your emotions behind so that you’re able to learn from others and improve as a whole. In other words, focus on the message and not the messenger. 

6. Time management skills 

Time management is critical in completing tasks and achieving your goals. Managing your time well helps you achieve more things in a shorter amount of time, opening up room for personal development, professional growth, and family time. Not to mention, time management is also one of the most desired skills by many employers from their employees.

Begin Your Journey 

Here at CrossPurpose, we understand the challenges and difficulties that come with trying to begin your career. That’s why we provide free training in career and personal development as an extension of our roles in uplifting and promoting the Denver community.

Our flexible career development program is aimed at enhancing your personal and professional development. This enables you to earn the right expertise and get your career on track and bring positive changes to society.

In reality, starting and making advancements in your career journey can prove to be overwhelming as a result of several obstacles. Even so, you still want to provide the best for yourself and your loved ones despite the time commitments, financial constraints, unwelcoming past, or supposed lack of skills.

Fortunately, CrossPurpose is here to help you make it a seamless and smooth process. Through our career development program in Denver, you will receive the life skills training that sets you up for professional and personal growth. Contact us today to learn more about our life-changing development program. 

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