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Nonprofit jobs in Denver, Colorado

At CrossPurpose, we believe in being all-in, putting down deep roots in a community, and loving neighbors even when it costs us. We believe that diversity is not just beautiful, it is necessary. We believe in telling people the truth, even when it hurts. These are just some of our values, and we take them very seriously.  CrossPurpose is a faith-based organization, affiliated with Providence Bible Church, and we believe that the nonprofit organization, working in tandem with the local church, most fully reflects God’s kingdom. 

CrossPurpose is a faith-based nonprofit organization that equips unemployed or underemployed adults to become self-sufficient through job training and personal development.  Every job position at CrossPurpose requires specific qualifications that are relevant to that position, and we also aspire for our employees to serve as Christian role models to the individuals we serve and in our community.  Our employees serve in ministerial roles and perform some or all of the following responsibilities: sharing the Gospel, praying with and for individuals, and modeling behavior that is consistent with Christ’s teaching.  Please review our Statement of Faith to understand our specific faith beliefs.

Current Positions: