Ending poverty

one relationship at a time

“There is no significant change without significant relationships” 

Join the movement to abolish economic, relational, and spiritual poverty in our city by walking alongside motivated individuals who are on the pathway towards financial freedom!

What is crossPurpose?

CrossPurpose is a 6-month, free-tuition career and community development program that empowers motivated individuals to achieve a professional certification, start working in a new career, and achieve financial freedom.

We call our students “Leaders” because they are the ones leading and creating their own change. It’s up to our Leaders to choose success and take advantage of the resources and education that CrossPurpose offers.

While career development is an important aspect of the CrossPurpose program, overcoming poverty and achieving long-term success requires more than a new career – that’s where YOU come in.

The Ally Program

“Allies” are community volunteers who support Leaders to achieve long-term success through the CrossPurpose program. Allies provide professional mentorship, networking opportunities, and personal support with the goal of building meaningful friendships that empower both Leaders and Allies alike to escape financial, relational, and spiritual poverty. 

Professional Mentorship

Professional Mentorship

Use your unique professional skills and experience to support Leaders as they apply for jobs, nail their interviews, and land jobs in their new careers!


Help Leaders build their social capital and achieve long-term success by providing connections to personal and professional support systems and resources!

Personal Support

Invest in mutually-beneficial relationships that cross social, ethnic, and economic lines – because significant change happens with significant relationships!

be more than a volunteer.

be an ally.

Family Gathering

The Hub of CrossPurpose Community Development 

What is Family Gathering?

Every Wednesday from 6pm – 8pm, we invite Leaders, Allies, and Staff to enjoy an evening filled with dinner, games, and small groups. As an Ally, this is your primary opportunity to initiate and build meaningful relationships, provide professional support, and learn from the stories and experiences of the other Leaders and Allies in your small group!

Example Family Gathering Schedule:

6:00pm – Large Group Dinner Begins

6:30pm – Large Group Game and Shout Outs

7:00pm – Small Groups Begin

8:00pm – Evening Ends

Ally Commitment


6 Month Commitment

Training starts on 4/28

Graduation on 10/6


Every Wednesday Night

Family Gatherings take place every Wednesday night from 6pm – 8pm on our campus


100% Attendance

We hold Leaders to a high standard of attendance and ask our Allies to hold that same standard

Basic Requirements


Full-Time Work Experience

Allies must currently be working full-time OR have at least 2 years of full-time work experience


Willingness to Learn

Allies must be willing to engage and learn within a cross-cultural and diverse community 


On-Campus Attendance

Allies must be comfortable participating in on-campus trainings and Family Gatherings

“Before I met Bizi, I was overwhelmed. I was very aware of the world’s problems, but I felt inadequate…too weak to change them. Since I met Bizi, things have changed. To be a true friend, I had to speak up. I became his advocate; he lent me his strength and I grew a backbone. Living different gave me courage.” – Henry

be the significant change.

Join the Ally program and invest in your community

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