The Legacy Fellowship is for you! Expert coaches will give you an individualized approach to building generational wealth by walking through financial principles in a supportive community environment.

Apply by June 9, 2023 to join our next cohort!

How It Works

In the Legacy Fellowship, you’ll work with coaches and fellow Alumni through three program phases:

  1. Financial Wellness – Focus on basic financial principles like budgeting, saving, credit, and money management.
  2. Career Advancement – Choose one of these pathways to grow in your career:

    -Advance EDU: Obtain additional education certificates or a 2-4 year degree.
    -Project Quest: Obtain stackable medical certificates (ie. CNA to LPN to RN).
    -Change Agency: Join an incubator to start your own business.

  3. Wealth Building – Gain practical tools, personalized support, and expert guidance as you pursue home ownership, investing, and leaving a legacy of wealth for future generations.

Who Is It for?

The Legacy Fellowship is for CrossPurpose Alumni who are ready to start their next chapter of growth! All we ask is that you:

  • Commit to the time and work it takes to establish your goals.
  • Demonstrate three months of work stability prior to joining the program.

“This program empowers participants to make informed financial decisions, break the cycle of poverty, and build a better future and legacy for themselves and their families.”

Shalom Mathurin, Legacy Fellowship Director

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