In 2020, CrossPurpose set out on a new five-year plan called The City Beautiful: Reimagined to grow to four locations in the Denver Metro area and serve more of our neighbors through career and community development. 

In 2021, we launched the first pilot class at our South Metro campus in Englewood. Now, we’re launching an effort to open two additional locations in Arvada and Aurora. 

Will you join us to make something beautiful in our city?


Through partnership with Revive Church and other missional partners, CrossPurpose will neighbor a Christian childcare, mental health/medical services, and food and beverage options. These wraparound services give our neighbors access to the holistic support and resources they need to thrive.

All in cost: $1.8 million


This location will combine access to affordable housing, a community garden, family courtyard, community plaza, and CrossPurpose.

All in cost: $2.5 million

Community Impact in Aurora and North Metro by 2030

Million Dollars of Wealth Generated

With both campuses fully built out, we will impact 39% more families than the average Denver community college.


CrossPurpose has created opportunities for philanthropic partners and neighbors to be showcased and celebrated for their commitment to the Aurora and North Metro sites. Pledges are available with different levels of financial commitment, which can be paid over a three year period. Fill out the from below if you’d like to make a pledge commitment.

Sponsorship & Naming Opportunities

Choose from a list of spaces in our new locations that are available for sponsorship. All sponsorship opportunities include a donor recognition benefit of naming display inside and outside the space. There are many ways to invest your gift, including space sponsorship and naming opportunities, beyond this list. Contact Bryce Lopez at to learn more.

Site Sponsorship - $1,000,000

Space matters. CrossPurpose aspires to look like part of the solution to poverty alleviation by providing beautiful, inspiring spaces for our neighbors and community to learn and grow. The North Metro campus will allow us to serve our neighbors through career and community development, and it will also be a gathering space for the Arvada community.

Opportunities: 1

Auditorium - $250,000

When Leaders cross the stage at graduation sharing their bios, they often note that “Personal Development” was the most transformational part of their six-month journey. During the first six weeks, Leaders gather for more than 100 hours of Personal Development in the Auditorium to learn coping skills, grow in identity development, analyze personality assessments, and develop soft and hard skills.

Opportunities: 1

Child Enrichment - $150,000

CrossPurpose is committed to dwelling in and serving our neighbors, which means caring for their families. When we commit to helping our Leaders transform, we also invest in generational change. We must provide safe spaces for our neighbors’ children to gather weekly during Family Gathering and other CrossPurpose events to allow their parents the time and space to grow.

Opportunities: 2

Room Sponsorships - $100,000

Multi-Use Community Room

This multi-functional space is used every day of the week by Leaders in skills development, community organizations, and CrossPurpose staff.

Opportunities Available: 1

Staff Wing

What is an organization without its staff? The staff creates and keeps the CrossPurpose culture that has helped us win Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work for the fourth year in a row!

Opportunities Available: 1

Outdoor Enjoyment

The sunny days and blue skies of Colorado are meant to be enjoyed! Invest in a space for staff, Leaders, and community members to rest, reflect, and gather in the quiet calm of the outdoors.

Opportunities Available: 1

Outdoor Beautification

Help take our outdoors space up a notch by investing in the beautification of outside our building.

Opportunities Available: 1

Room Sponsorships - $75,000

Commercial Kitchen

Where does everyone gather at parties? The kitchen! From flipping pancakes for breakfast for the Leader retreat to prepping dinner for Family Gathering each Wednesday, a well-functioning kitchen allows us to build relational weave with our Leader and Allies through mealtimes.

Opportunities Available: 1


CrossPurpose seeks to reweave the fabric of a frayed society and the Cafe is physical representation of staff, Leaders, and community members coming together in one space.

Opportunities Available: COMMITTED

Room Sponsorships - $50,000

Counseling & Coaching Rooms

What sets CrossPurpose apart is our holistic approach to Leaders’ transformation. Through counseling and coaching, Leaders explore and peel back the layers about themselves, their past, and how to move forward with vulnerability, acceptance, and autonomy.

Opportunities Available: 4

Assessment Room

Assessments are one of our prospective Leaders’ first steps in the application process. A clean, quiet space to focus on these assessments sets our prospective Leaders up for success.

Opportunities Available: 1

Prayer Room

CrossPurpose welcomes Leaders from all walks of life and faith journeys. Whether it be prayer, meditation, or simply journaling, we seek to provide a space to help Leaders abolish spiritual poverty.

Opportunities Available: 1

Room Sponsorships - $25,000

Art Gallery

Displaying art that celebrates and honors the voices, stories, and humanity of the neighborhoods we serve is essential to creating a welcoming and inclusive space for our Leaders and community.

Opportunities Available: 2

Resource Library Study Room

Many Leaders view CrossPurpose as a haven from distraction and stress. In this calm, quiet space, they can focus on working through their skill track curriculum and learning essential skills that will help launch their career.

Opportunities Available: 3

  • Progress Towards Aurora + Arvada $4,300,000 Fundraising Goal 59% 59%