Our Impact


Make $15/hour in Denver, Colorado


Our initial 18-month pilot program began in the fall of 2014 with 19 Leaders. Only 6 of the 19 were employed more than 20 hours per week and the remaining 13 averaged a monthly income of $186.50.

At the program’s completion, this group collectively averaged a monthly income of $1,717 - an 818% increase! Sixteen of the 19 retained better employment for six months or longer, and all 19 were 100% self-sufficient at the end of 18 months, and completely off of government assistance.

SROI Denver, Colorado

Social Return on Investment

Success Markets, a 501c3 social impact evaluation organization, conducted a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis of our model and found that every dollar invested into the organization yielded a $5.10 return for the Leader and an additional $1.60 return for the taxpaying public through the reduction of government assistance. Therefore, the total expected SROI for CrossPurpose's career development program is $6.70, rivaling the U.S. GI Bill, one of the highest SROI large government-funded projects in U.S. history, boasting a $7:1 return.

Based on these return rates, we are able to predict that over 10 years, these 19 Leaders will realize a total economic impact of $5.15 million in increased income, taxes paid and decreased government assistance!