The stereotypical career coach seems to come with lots of promises, but not a lot of tangible solutions to get you there. If you’ve been job hunting for a while, you’ve likely already read countless blog posts with interview tips, resume recommendations, and buzzwords designed to take you to the “next level.” 

When you’ve had to spend hours writing cover letters for dead-end leads, the last thing you want to do is waste more of your time attending coaching sessions that might not work. 

We get it. Launching your career can be brutal, and these online coaching services don’t work for everyone. According to the ICF Global Coaching Study, 38% of participants in career coaching programs don’t make back their investment. But here’s the thing: The 62% that do more than triple it on average. 

At CrossPurpose, we won’t even ask for your money — just your time. Even then, we wouldn’t ask for it if we weren’t confident our Leaders would fall into the 62%. We’re ready to turn the age-old “job-hunting” into career-capturing. CrossPurpose is less about buzzwords than it is about a belief — primarily, our belief in you. Here is why we are different. 

Professional, Personal, and Spiritual Growth

CrossPurpose’s career coaches aren’t just worried about getting you an interview. They’re not even stopping at landing you a job, although that’s always exciting. Our philosophy revolves around personal, professional, and spiritual growth that will truly empower you as an individual. We strive to create generational change by providing tools that stay relevant through each promotion and can be shared with your kids at the dinner table. 

The Professional

Our career development program gives you the tools, knowledge, resources, and connections you need to find a career in your dream industry. Professionalism is more than a clean resume and a firm handshake. We help shape future leaders who know how to advocate for themselves, express their unique ideas, and fundamentally transform a workplace.

Professional development is what you likely think of when you hear “career coaching” — and rightly so! It’s a key part of fostering your personal brand and moving toward your goals. But it’s not all that matters, so it’s not where we stop. 

The Personal

So often, talented individuals struggle to settle into careers because of factors outside of their control. Although everyone likes to talk about a “work-life separation,” we know that our job as career coaches would not be complete without examining your full experience. We’ll support your personal and professional journeys by providing general life skills training, which bolsters your confidence as you enter the workforce. 

The Spiritual

This third area of development is an optional part of our program, but we would be remiss if we didn’t offer our budding leaders the opportunity for deeper exploration. As a nonprofit organization rooted in faith, we know that spiritual strength can foster hope, confidence, and peace in other life areas. 

Relatable Experience

We’ve all been there: You open a click-bait article with a title like, “How I Became a Self-Made Millionaire at 30.” You read a heartfelt introduction and small, actionable tips before you reach a truth bomb. 

Maybe they were able to find free housing with a family member. Perhaps they were given a start-up loan from a wealthy relative. Either way, these articles are often just painful reminders that the workforce is not a level playing field. 

Though we can’t all be blessed with head starts, CrossPurpose seeks to bring you confidently to the starting line and see you through to the finish and beyond. A key part of this process relies on our staffing choices. Some of our career coaches are past graduates of our programs or have worked in comparable fields. They intimately understand the goals of CrossPurpose and know what it means to truly escape poverty

These are people who actually understand where you’re starting, and are living proof of where you can end up! Our success stories aren’t just seen through smiling stock photos on our website. They can be seen in your mentors and, soon, in your own mirror. 

Enthusiasm for Change in Denver

Our organization started with the mission to truly “love our neighbors” and change the lives of hardworking individuals, right here in Denver. Now, CrossPurpose pools all of our resources, connections, and enthusiasm to meet you where you’re at and help you achieve your career goals. 

We truly believe in your ability to make Denver a better place. And since this is our hometown as well, we’re especially invested in your future. We don’t want to just change your job title — we want to better your family’s situation and empower you to live your life to the fullest. In the end, it’s not about the work. It’s about finding a stable career that makes you happy and financially secure. It’s about lifting that weight from your shoulders and sparking a light that will shine through generations to come. 

After all, Denver’s called the “Mile High City.” Isn’t it about time for you to have your turn at the top? 


Since 2008, the CrossPurpose team has seen the reality of the “ripple effect,” how a pebble-sized action for someone in need can lift a generation out of poverty. 

Now, we’re ready to be even more than just a pebble. As you embark on your career-capturing journey, we’ll be your rock. Through every hurdle and triumph, we will be here to help you see the inherent value you offer. Then, we’ll transform that into tangible, fiscal value that you can bring home to your family. Explore our programs today to start your CrossPurpose journey. 

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