Osvaldo Galaviz Jr.

Career Coach

Osvaldo joined the CrossPurpose staff in 2023 after 20 years of youth, music, and children’s ministry. He majored in Biblical studies and worked as a teacher, basketball coach, and foster houseparent. Osvaldo was born and raised in the south-side barrio of San Antonio, and he is proud of his Mexican heritage and the San Antonio Spurs. Osvaldo’s passion is to demonstrate love with action, inspire to revive, to have fun and laugh and encourage to build up. His life was changed forever on November 28,1998 when he found the way to live life to the fullest! That change transformed his heart to love diversity, culture, and all people. His role as a Career Coach is a great opportunity to come alongside others as they seek to meet their career and dream goals. When he is not working, Osvaldo enjoys spending time with his 3 treasures: his wife Ely and 2 boys Uriel and Haziel. Osvaldo enjoys hanging out with his church community, Clayton community, and youth. Osvaldo enjoys anything and everything.

Fun fact: Osvaldo was able to see Michael Jordan play in person in his prime.

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