Ashuntie Gayden

Admissions Specialist

Ashuntie Gayden joined the CrossPurpose staff in 2022.

Ashuntie feels incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people who have become an integral part of her life. Their presence enriches her experiences and adds depth to her story.

In her role as an Admissions Specialist, she finds deep satisfaction in pursuing her passion for helping others. Guiding potential applicants through the admissions process is not just a job for her; it’s a fulfilling mission to positively impact lives and facilitate their journey towards new opportunities and success.

Beyond her professional life, she cherishes moments of relaxation, finding solace in quiet times. Journaling has become her creative sanctuary, a space where she can express her thoughts, ideas, and reflections. Music is another constant companion, providing the stimulation to her mind and inspiring her in various ways. She has also recently found interest in reading and reflecting to grow her knowledge, learn new things, and keeping her brain and memory functions active.

The heartbeat of her existence lies in the connections she’s cultivated with her family, friends, and associates. These relationships are her anchor, grounding her in the midst of life’s adventures. Time spent with loved ones is a treasure, and she holds these moments close to her heart.

Her life is a blend of purpose, joy, and meaningful connections. Surrounded by incredible individuals and fueled by her passion, she continues this journey, leaving a positive imprint on those who are fortunate enough to experience and know her.

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