alumni: change agency

What is the alumni change Agency?

Change Agency is a nine-month idea incubator and accelerator program for CrossPurpose alumni. Through our rigorous course, we provide tools, training, and coaching to help alumni develop ideas, businesses, projects, or non-profit organizations that give back to the community.

Alumni successfully completing the program will gain knowledge, confidence, and effective planning skills. The program will culminate in a presentation to interested donors and investors.

Candidate requirements and program elements

  Basic Requirements

Candidates will have initiative, hunger for learning, discipline, humility, and capacity to improve their community. You must be a graduate of the CrossPurpose career development program to be eligible.


Each participant will work the program as part of a team. You must show a willingness to be transparent, be a good listener, offer opinions without dominating the dialogue of the team.


Meetings are held every Tuesday evening from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at CrossPurpose. Meetings are mandatory and each participant will be responsible for staying at the pace of the group on all assignments, making up missed assignments, and notifying us in advance if you will be late or cannot attend a meeting. Three missed meetings without advance notice will make you ineligible to continue in the program.


Almost every week homework will be assigned with a completion date of one week. Be prepared to spend an additional 5 – 10 hours a week on homework in addition to meeting time on Wednesday.


Each participant must hold themselves accountable for rest, recreation, goal setting, as well as physical and emotional health. Any vital issues disrupting your life or ability to focus on the program must be communicated immediately.


Becoming a stronger leader must be a primary goal for developing into a Change Agent. This is demonstrated by the success of implementing your idea in the community, but also through your ability to lead yourself by stretching, discovery, and ongoing learning as a human being.

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