Your Career has a purpose and a plan

At CrossPurpose, you’re the Leader of your own change, and our free-tuition career training program exists to empower you to unlock your potential and start your new career!

Start a new Career

We call our students “Leaders” because in our program, YOU are the Leader of your own change. Our totally free career program is designed to empower you to start a new career, make more money, and build a better future!

Professional Mentorship

Grow Personally

The first portion of the program is dedicated to your personal and professional growth. We don’t just want you to land a job – we want you to be the best version of yourself, so that you can find a career that lasts for years to come!

Get Certified

You’ll work to complete a professional certification or pre-apprenticeship course in your selected career track, so that you can have marketable skills when you start applying for your new job!

See for a full list of options!

Start Your Career

Once you’ve completed the Certification stage, it’s on to the job search. We’ll work with you and help connect to employers and jobs that fit your dreams and needs, so that you can be working in your new job, even before you graduate!

Earn While You Learn

Every CrossPurpose Leader can receive up to $700/month while you're in training:

  • Up to $200/month as a stipend (earned through active participation in the program)
  • Up to $500/month as an income match for any job that you're working during your training

AND you'll be eligible to receive cash support for technology, transportation, housing, or clothing!

tired of “just getting by”?

Here’s your opportunity

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of Graduates still employed full-time after 6 Months

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How much you can be paid every month while you're in the program!


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