Erika Rietema

Lead Coach

Erika joined the CrossPurpose team in the unprecedented summer of 2020. Previously, she worked within Denver Public Schools, administering medical care and often advocating for children with special needs. Mindful of generational impact, Erika is passionate about coaching CrossPurpose Leaders, who are dedicated to improving their personal lives, careers and communities. She brings 20 years of leadership and mentoring experience, both with US college students and students in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. She hails from Texas and graduated Texas Tech with a BA in Family Studies. Having been raised in the poverty stricken border-city of El Paso/Juarez, Erika is intimately acquainted with the constraints of poverty and hopelessness. Owning the mission of CrossPurpose and serving as a Career Coach is the perfect “home” for her. She is an avid historical-fiction and espionage reader, loves to entertain, power walk, travel and spend time with her family and friends.

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