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Finding money and making time for job training is tough. We make it possible.

  • Every CrossPurpose training program is free
  • We offer a stipend to help with expenses while you train
  • You’ll be part of a welcoming and supporting community
  • Once you complete your training, we’ll help you find a job
  • 100% of our graduates have found new jobs

No prior job experience 
is required to apply

and our application takes most people 
about 20 minutes to complete.

Six Months to
Your New Career

With hands-on guidance from our Career Coaches. In just six months, you’ll complete your professional certification or pre-apprenticeship to gain the practical skills, experience, and qualifications you need for the career you want. For Free.

Once you’re accepted to the CrossPurpose program, we’ll help you choose the career track that’s right for you!


  • Personal Growth – to become the best version of yourself, so you can set yourself up for success.
  • Professional Training – to gain the skills and knowledge you need to land your dream career.
  • Comprehensive Program – we collaborate with experts and local partners to provide you with the best foundation possible.
  • Community – CrossPurpose staff, volunteers, and peers will walk alongside you every step of the way.
Application Deadlines

This training program is available at two locations in Denver. Complete the application, and our friendly team will help you plan which program and location will work best for you.

South Metro

Class Start Date: May 15, 2023

  • Application Opens: March 6, 2023
  • Application Closes: May 5, 2023

Class Start Date: August 28, 2023

  • Application Opens: May 5, 2023
  • Application Closes: August 18, 2023

Class Start Date: October 30, 2023

  • Application Opens: August 18, 2023
  • Application Closes: October 20, 2023

NE Denver

Class Start Date: July 31, 2023

  • Application Opens: April 21, 2023
  • Application Closes: July 21, 2023

Class Start Date: October 16, 2023

  • Application Opens: July 21, 2023
  • Apply By: October 6, 2023
What Our Graduates Are Saying

“As an electrical apprentice, I’m working with very experienced individuals who are showing me the ropes, while learning how to use new tools and materials to get the job done. My goal is to gain my journeyman license, have my own company and go to school for business management.”

Timothy M.

“I am excited to say that I have started working in the local sheet metal union as a material handler, soon to be an apprentice, and my new life is unfolding as each day passes.”

Geoff S.

“As I stand here as a new person inside and out, I am so grateful for my new job as the Office Administrator/ Billing & Coder at Anodyne Pain and Wellness Solutions.”

Jasmine J.

By The Numbers

Of Graduates Have Found New Careers
CrossPurpose Graduates And Counting
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Get hired faster as a skilled apprentice in electrical, HVAC, and more.


Get certified for a career in the medical field in a hospital or clinic setting.


Gain hands-on culinary experience for careers with growth opportunities.


Earn your CDL and start driving after just a few weeks.


Gain administrative skills to use in a variety of job fields.


Break into the tech industry with a certification in a growing field.

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