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Start your career as an electrician with free electrician training at CrossPurpose. The CrossPurpose pre-apprenticeship program is equipping future tradespeople with the skills they need to succeed, including free electrical courses! You will leave the program with hands-on experience, OSHA 10 certification and the confidence to begin your electrician apprenticeship.

Free, hands-on pre-apprenticeship training to launch your electrician career and change your life.

Why Enroll in Free Electrician Training?

Commercial and residential electrical services are in high demand. Tens of thousands of new electrician jobs open each year and pay can be anywhere from $14.00-$35.00 per hour. Even better, the need for professional, qualified electricians is projected to grow 10% over the next decade. This means more stability. It also means better opportunities to grow your career and your income.

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Unlike other electrician schools in Colorado, CrossPurpose helps you gain skills without making you spend tens of thousands of dollars. CrossPurpose will cover your training expenses and even pay you a small stipend. If the high cost of education has prevented you from going to school to be an electrician, CrossPurpose is ready to help. Your free electrician training in our pre-apprenticeship program will prepare you for a stable, long-term job in an in-demand industry.

About Our Free Electrician Training Program

The CrossPurpose training program works like an electrician internship. In addition to the program’s training for electricians, you will receive three weeks of classroom time learning professional development skills. These skills will prepare you to navigate the workforce successfully once you begin your electrician career.

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Topics Include

  • Interviewing
  • Resume building
  • Financial health and literacy
  • Mindset growth
  • Writing personal brand and goal statements
  • Tech and digital skills
  • Sharing your story
  • Public speaking
  • Team building
  • Conflict resolution
  • And much more!

Professional Development + Pre-apprenticeship

After finishing your professional development training, you will jump right into your electrician program. You will spend six weeks engaged in on-the-job training. Electrician instructors at the Master’s Apprentice will teach you the basics of electrical work through hands-on experience, field trips and visits to job sites. These experienced tradesmen were once new learners just like you and they want to help you succeed in a career you love.

At the end of your training, you will be ready to:

  • Begin work as an electrician pre-apprentice
  • Install and repair various electrical components and systems
  • Have a basic understanding of Colorado and federal electric codes
  • Work with a variety of tools and machinery
  • And more!

What You Can Do with Certification

Once you’ve completed the CrossPurpose electrician training program, you will have the skills you need to begin working as an electrician pre-apprentice. After this training, the hours you spend working in the industry will count toward higher-level certifications. You can move from an electrician apprenticeship to an electrician journeyman job (after passing the journeyman electrician exam) and all the way up to master electrician. Your options as a paid electrician include:

  • Electrician Apprentice
  • Journeyman Electrician
  • Master Electrician
What Our Graduates Are Saying
Carpentry Training in Denver

“As an electrical apprentice, I’m working with very experienced individuals who are showing me the ropes while learning how to use new tools and materials to get the job done. My goal is to gain my journeyman license, have my own company and go to school for business management.”

Timothy M

Course Requirements:

  • Meet all CrossPurpose admissions requirements
  • Complete a background check
  • 6th grade Math/Reading level
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Manual dexterity
  • Physical stamina
  • Some felonies and drug charges can be an issue
  • No domestic violence, assault, or child abuse charges on your record
  • Shot records and TB test
  • A desire to work full-time in the field of electrical services

Course Details:

Class Schedule

  • Monday-Thursday, 9am – 1pm for first 6 weeks of personal development
  • Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 8pm for duration of the program for class participation with other students.

Upon starting your Electrician Skill Track:

  • 6 weeks of hands-on electrician training in Denver at the Master’s Apprentice workshop.

After Completing Your electrical Skills Training:

  • You will continue on-the-job training in the apprenticeship program on your way to becoming a Colorado electrician.


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Why Cross Puprose


The cost of attending an electrician training school can be quite expensive. CrossPurpose provides the same pre-apprentice electrician training Denver trade schools charge thousands of dollars for at no charge to you.


Finding an entry-level electrician job in Denver can also be difficult when you do not have any experience in the trade. Our free electrician classes provide training and hands-on experience to help you jumpstart your career.


We remove common barriers that stand in the way of achieving your goals. We do not charge fees for our program, and we work with you to help you get a strong start.


Not only that, we equip you with much-needed skills for mastering financial management, working with customers, engaging with coworkers and much more.


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