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Join the thriving institutional food services industry with free culinary training and certification at CrossPurpose. As a participant in the CrossPurpose free culinary training program, you will be trained in a variety of food service skills designed to help you obtain a stable income with flexibility for full-time or part-time employment options. After just 12 weeks of training, you will leave the program equipped to use your new skills in a commercial kitchen.

Free, hands-on training & certification to launch your culinary career and change your life

Why Enroll in Free Culinary Training and Certification?

The institutional food industry is in desperate need of reliable, well-trained professionals to provide important culinary services to schools, senior living facilities, hotels, conference centers and other organizations. Institutional food service jobs provide a variety of scheduling options, including full- and part-time work and multiple shift options.


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Chefs and head cooks are in high demand and the need is projected to grow as much as 25% over the next 10 years. That is much higher growth than other industries. The median pay rate for a trained culinary professional is $24 per hour with room for advancement as you progress throughout your career. With the current level of need for food service employees, you will have multiple options for jobs that will allow you to find a schedule that works for you.

About Our Free Culinary Training Program

The CrossPurpose culinary training program lets you turn your love of food and cooking into a marketable skill with a reliable income. You will learn everything you need to know about working in a commercial kitchen, including food preparation, cooking methods, food safety and knife skills. However, this program is not just about taking cooking classes. Unlike other free culinary schools, CrossPurpose also includes three weeks of classroom time learning key skills that will help you work with others and advance your career.


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Topics of our personal and professional development training

  • Financial health and literacy
  • Mindset growth
  • Writing personal brand and goal statements
  • Interviewing
  • Public speaking
  • Team building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Resume building
  • Tech and digital skills
  • Sharing your story
  • And much more!

What you will learn

Your culinary training will be conducted by seasoned chefs with years of experience working in commercial kitchens. You will get hands-on experience in food preparation and the opportunity to test and refine your skills each day.

By the end of your preliminary culinary training, you will be able to:

  • Work effectively and efficiently in a commercial kitchen
  • Utilize a variety of culinary techniques
  • Prepare food safely, in accordance with all health standards
  • Gain employment in a steady industry with flexible hours and growing demand
  • Work with a variety of food service industry equipment
  • Have multiple certifications, including ServSafe, and credit from HWH and Emily Griffith Technical College.
  • And more!

What You Can Do with Certification

Once you’ve completed the CrossPurpose culinary training program in partnership with Housed, Working & Healthy, you will have the skills you need to begin working as a food service professional. Your certification will give you the edge you need to apply for and work in top culinary jobs at a local company, along with the confidence and the skill to find the right role for you. You will also have the opportunity to advance your career, moving from cook to chef and even kitchen manager roles.

Your options in the culinary industry include:

  • Cook L13
  • Sous Chef
  • Head Chef
  • Banquet Chef
  • Pastry Chef
  • And more!

Course Details

Class Schedule: First 3 Weeks

Monday-Thursday, 9am – 1pm and Wednesday evenings from 6pm – 8pm for class participation with other students.

Upon starting your Culinary Skill Track:

12 weeks of hands-on culinary training in Denver. After completing your food service skills training, you will continue on the job training in the apprenticeship program on your way to becoming a Colorado Culinary Professional.

Course Requirements

  • Meet all CrossPurpose admissions requirements
  • 6th grade Math/Reading level
  • Manual dexterity
  • Physical stamina
  • Some felonies and drug charges can be an issue
  • A desire to work as a paid food service professional



Why CrossPurpose?

Fresh start

Getting a fresh start for your future shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars. At CrossPurpose, we provide you with free culinary training courses and help you begin your career in the industrial world.

Leading Edge

Our culinary training program gives you the leading edge in your job search by providing you with valuable experience and important certifications. You will have an understanding of menu planning and meal preparation.

Remove Barriers

CrossPurpose is invested in helping you succeed in your goals for your career. Our free training removes barriers like expensive classes and lengthy programs that delay your entry into the workforce without sacrificing quality for speed.

The Only Free Program

We collaborate with experts in the industry and local partners to develop a comprehensive program that will give you the best start possible for your future in the culinary industry. You can even earn a stipend while you learn, making it easier for you to focus on your education.

FAQs About the CrossPurpose Free Culinary Training

Does CrossPurpose offer its free culinary school near me?

CrossPurpose offers free culinary schooling to applicants in Denver. If you are outside of the Denver area, give us a call. We may be able to connect you with similar resources in your area.

What qualifications do I need to join the free culinary arts program?

  • 6th grade reading and math levels
  • Some recent felonies may limit job options

When can I get started?

Fill out an application by clicking the button below to get started. One of our enrollment specialists will help you find the next available program.

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