CrossPurpose is a 6-month career and community development program for adults in Denver who are ready to start a new career path, improve their financial situation, and become self-sufficient. 

We are seeking adults who:

  • Are between the ages of 18-55
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Are available to attend day time classes
Professional development in Denver

How It Works

If accepted to the program, here's what to expect:

Personal & Professional Development

For the program's first phase, you will be immersed in professional and personal development four days a week from 9am-3pm and will receive a $400 monthly stipend for meeting attendance and participation standards.

Career development and training in Denver Metro area

This portion of the program builds the foundation for the rest of your career journey through interactive classes in customer service, conflict resolution, resume writing, interviewing, and other 21st-century job skills.

You will also learn to know yourself, be confident in your strengths, and overcome any barriers that stand in your way.



Skills Development

After successfully completing personal and professional development, we want to help you get the job training you need to begin a meaningful career! As part of the program, you will receive a full scholarship to a certification, apprenticeship, or internship in a growing professional industry, such as:

  • Accounting
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Banking
  • Carpentry
  • CDL
  • Computer Repair
  • Construction
  • Customer Service
  • Electrician
  • HVAC
  • Insurance
  • Legal Office
  • Medical Services
  • Vet Assistant
  • Water Quality Management
  • Welding, and more!
Begin a new career in Denver, Colorado
Career counseling and support in Denver



You will be supported through every step of the job search process, from application to hire.  Our career services department collaborates with community partners and local businesses to help connect you employment opportunities, with possible earnings of $15/hour or more.  

Community development and building, Denver area


We'll be honest - our program isn't easy, but you'll never be in it alone. Through it all, you will be surrounded by like-minded peers who are as dedicated as you are and a staff that is willing to do whatever it takes to help you succeed. Joining the Uprise program is almost like joining a family, which we celebrate at 'Family Gathering', a weekly large group gathering and shared meal. At Family Gathering, you will also be placed in a small group with other Leaders in the program, and Allies from the community who are committed to mentoring and supporting you throughout the journey. 


See what others have said about the program...

I wanted something better for myself, something that made me feel alive; something that gave me a purpose to keep living. UPRISE was all that and more. I expected professional skills, but i didn't expect to find me: my passions, my personality, my strengths, my weaknesses, my desire to live, but ultimately myself, which i had lost too long ago.


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