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Your Career has a Purpose and a Plan

3 Phases of Our Program

Phase 1: Personal Development

This Phase focuses on helping you develop personally so that you can succeed professionally

What You’ll Do

Develop Personally

Starting a career is about more than just gaining a new skill. You will work with your classmates and Career Coaches to become more confident in your personal and professional skills, so that you can have long-term success

Gain Professional Skills

Participate in Mock Interviews, resume writing workshops, professional presentations, and more! Learning to develop these essential professional skills will help you to find, apply for, and land your new career

Choose Your Career Track

You will work with your Career Coach to decide the career certification that you would like to pursue in the Skill Development phase of the program

Phase 2: Skill Training


In this phase, you will complete an online certification course or pre-apprenticeship program to develop skills in your career track!

What You’ll Do

Online Certification Course

If you choose a career track with an online training, you will spend the course of this phase working to complete your online certification course. On-site attendance to complete your course is required

Pre-Apprenticeship Program

If you choose a career track with a pre-apprenticeship program, we will enroll you in a program with one of our community partners. You will undergo off-site training to develop your skills in that field

Phase 3: Career Launch

At this phase, we work with you to find, apply, interview, and land your first job in your new career!

What You’ll Do

Land Your Career

You will work with your Career Coach to research available positions, apply and interview for those positions, and land your first job in your new career field. Our goal is that you can find a career that pays at least $15/hour, has advancement opportunities, and provides employment benefits

What CrossPurpose Graduates Say

“This place is awesome. They pay you to go to school and are genuinely invested in your success. 5 stars for sure!”

“What was taking me 6 years to do on my own, I’ve done in six months with CrossPurpose.”

“CrossPurpose is the main reason I feel like I even made it to where I am right now. I am unbelievably grateful.”

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