Tiffany Christian

Career Coach

Tiffany Christian joined the CrossPurpose staff in 2019 after successfully navigating and graduating as a first-generation, adult college student.  She started at Community College of Aurora where she obtained her associate’s degree and began to add to her professional experience by working one-on-one with new and returning college students teaching them how to navigate and plan for a successful future.  From there, as a student, she was accepted to the University of Denver where her hard work from the community college was recognized and Tiffany was awarded a full ride scholarship to complete her bachelor’s degree.  Tiffany’s education added to her personal experience of coming out of poverty and her passion for self-improvement, education, personal accountability, empowerment, and perseverance, is satisfied through her role as a Career Coach, where she walks alongside those who share past experiences and similar goals.  When she’s not working, Tiffany enjoys her dedication to her volunteer work, learning to cook new dishes, (and of course eating them), as well as traveling, and learning civil law.

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