Shalom Mathurin

Legacy Fellowship Program Director

Shalom Mathurin is the Legacy Fellowship Director at CrossPurpose, joining in 2023 with a passion for guiding individuals toward their God-given purpose. She earned her Biology degree with a minor in biochemistry from Oral Roberts University, where she learned about spirit-powered leadership.

With over ten years of entrepreneurial experience and coming out of the medical field where she served as an administrative director, Shalom has knowledge when it comes to facilitation, creation of training requirements, and problem-solving to enhance management and business direction.

With a deep love for people and a calling to make a difference, Shalom was drawn to Cross Purpose, where she helps others discover their financial goals, build financial wealth and leave a legacy for themselves and generations to come. As the Legacy Fellowship Director, she oversees the program, ensuring participants have the support they need to succeed. Shalom works closely with program participants, mentors, and staff, providing guidance throughout the fellowship journey.

Outside of work, Shalom enjoys spending time with her loving family, hiking, and staying active. Her dedication to serving others and her commitment to personal growth make her an inspiring leader in both her personal and professional life.

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