Cristin J.

Volunteer Coordinator

Cristin joined CrossPurpose in 2022 for the role of Volunteer Coordinator and has a background in marketing, community partnership, and family advocacy. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Having overcome hardship in her own life, she is passionate about people sharing their life stories so that others feel less lonely in theirs. She believes that shame can be shaped into a lodestar that reveals to us the (sometimes painful) areas where we can deeply connect with others. This happens through the sharing of stories, struggle, hope and strength. Her ardency for shame-erasing relationships and deep connection is satisfied in her role as Volunteer Coordinator where she is able to facilitate relationships between individuals from various backgrounds.

A life long learner, Cristin’s favorite hobbies are writing, textile arts, watching documentaries, reading poetry to her children, and having deep, existential conversations with loved ones. Her husband, Jeremy, and their three children love to be silly, play in the backyard, go on hikes, and perform karaoke in their living room.

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