Charmayne Bixby

Outreach Specialist and Front Desk Support

Charmayne joined the CrossPurpose staff in 2020 after getting her paralegal degree and graduating from CrossPurpose program in the Legacy Class 2017. Charmayne is passionate about helping her community and seeing others succeed. When she was in college she was vice president of one of the honor societies and overseer more than 199+ students where she coached and guided them to reach their goals and graduate on time throughout two semesters. This grew her love to help more neighbors which is satisfied through her role as an Outreach Specialist II, where she recruits potential leaders to the Core program and Easy Access Program. When she’s not working, Charmayne enjoys cake decorating, cooking, fishing, camping, and having gatherings for family and friends. Lastly, she is a huge family person and loves her family! Any time is a good time to spend quality time with her husband and boys.

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