COVID-19 News and updates

CrossPurpose has been closely monitoring the news regarding the spread of Coronavirus at the national, state, and local levels. We want to let you know that we understand the importance and gravity of this situation, and are taking proactive measures to protect the members of our community.

Our response plan is guided and informed by the best information and resources available, including the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and our local government agencies. We are also coordinating our response with that of Providence Bible Church.

A response plan has been developed, consisting of three levels:

Level 1 – Risk Awareness and Reduction

Level 2 – Limited Operations

Level 3 – Shut Down

Keep reading in the News and Updates section to learn more about our proactive measures, to stay updated on our current response level, and to receive information regarding upcoming news and event related to the coronavirus.

If you have coronavirus symptoms, have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus, or have been diagnosed with coronavirus, please call us immediately at (719) 482-4492 so that we can take appropriate action.


News and Updates

Monday, March 23

EFFECTIVE MONDAY, MARCH 23, the CrossPurpose building is closed until further notice. Our Leaders (students) and staff are working from home.

Friday, March 13, 2020
EFFECTIVE MONDAY, MARCH 16, we are moving to Level 2 – Limited Operations.

We anticipate remaining at Level 2 for at least three weeks, and will regularly review our response status. This Level 2 means:

  • Starting on Monday, March 16, Leaders will be transitioned to study at home for Skills Development as rapidly as is practical, and will not be coming to the building in large numbers. Not only do we deem this action appropriate, it has become a practical necessity in light of the decision by Denver Public Schools to close for three weeks
  • Anyone with coronavirus symptoms may not come to the building until they have been tested and shown to not have the virus
  • Anyone who knows or suspects that they have been exposed to the virus may noce come to the building until they have been tested and shown to not have the virus
  • All Leaders and visitors to the building will be required to sing in so that we maintain records to assist local health authorities to identify and contain outbreaks
  • If it becomes known that members of our community have been diagnosed with the virus, or have known-exposure to the virus, CrossPurpose may implement short term (1-3 day) building closures to assess exposure, sanitize facilities, and mitigate risks
  • Please communication with us immediately if you have symptoms, are diagnosed, or have a known or suspected exposure to the coronavirus. Good information is critical to our risk assessment
  • CrossPurpose staff will continue to work daily in the office. At this time, we are not asking staff to work from home, we are maintaining regular office hours. Work from home options may be implemented if/when the leadership team deems it to be prudent
  • CrossPurpose leadership will review our response level as additional information becomes available, including but not limited to known diagnoses or exposure in our community, or widespread diagnoses in Denver
  • CrossPurpose and Providence are considering the cancellation of all events with groups larger than 50 people, including events of partner organizations using our facilities. Events with less than 50 people will be considered on a case-by-case basis. One of the key vectors for transmission is large groups in confined spaces
Thursday, March 12, 2020
We are currently operating at Level 1 – Risk Awareness and Reduction

We have been taking basic precautions to encourage appropriate hygiene and sanitation to reduce the risk of exposure. On Friday the staff will be working together to sanitize the entire building. In addition, we are working with our nightly cleaning service to ensure that CDC cleaning guidelines are being implemented. On an ongoing basis, we will have a daily and nightly ‘light-touch; and a weekly ‘deep clean’ of our facilities to reduce transmission risk

communication is key

Effecitve communication is critical to our ability to limit the risk to our community members. CrossPurpose will provide a weekly update via email every Friday, for as long as we reamin at Level 2 or Level 3, and as appropriate after we return to Level 1.

It is equally critical that members of our community communicate with us regarding any exposure threats. To that end, please communicate with us immediately if:

  1. You have coronavirus symptoms
  2. You are diagnosed with/test positive for coronavirus
  3. You have been exposed or suspect you have been exposed to someone with the coronavirus

Please be assured that we will protect your privacy and confidentiality in this manner, but it is of the utmost importance that we have this exposure information so that we can take appropriate action, as well as cooperate with the local health authorities in their efforts to identiy and contain outbreaks.

Thank you for your cooperation in making the adjustments to our operations that are necessary to protect our Leaders, Staff, Volunteers, Allies, Church Members, and everyone who comes into contact with this community.

Staying Educated and informed

We encourage everyone to educate themselves on the coronavirus and about how to protect yourself and our community, rather than relying on rumors and hearsay. The CDC has excellent information for individuals and organizations regarding the virus and what we should do in response. Please contact your local health care provided if you have symptoms or have been exposed to the virus.

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