Referral Rewards Program

Refer a Friend – Change a Life – Earn Rewards

Earn up to $165 in E-Gift Cards for each referral

COVID-19 friendly E-Gift Cards sent straight to your email

$15 E-Gift Card

when your friend applies

$50 E-Gift Card

when your friend is accepted

$100 E-Gift Card

when your friend completes Week 1

How it Works 

When you refer a friend to CrossPurpose, you give someone else the opportunity to start their career and change their life….and you can also earn a few rewards along the way!

1. Visit to Refer a Friend to CrossPurpose

2. Your friend receives a text message with instructions on how to apply for the program

3. You receive rewards when your friend/referral 1) Completes an Application, 2) Gets Accepted into the Program, and 3) Completes the 1st week of Personal Development

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