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Change Starts With Collaboration


There are countless organizations in Denver working every day to create a better city for those who face the greatest needs. But measurable change doesn’t happen without collaboration and partnership, because the problems and issues that face our city cannot be solved by one person or organization.

Reweaving the fabric of our society requires that we rely on each other’s strengths by creating mutually beneficial partnerships that ultimately impact those whom we hope to serve.

There is no recipe to being a CrossPurpose community partner. We simply want to discover ways that our expertise can collide with your expertise to create greater impact for the people we serve.

Getting Started

If we’ve met with you before, check out the resources below. These are free for your use, so feel free to share them with your staff, your constituents, and your community.

If we haven’t met, we would love to connect. Please call us at (720) 724-9544 to plan a meeting!

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